KSHMR Talks Good Vibes Solider & More In Exclusive EDM Sauce Interview

KSHMR's newest single “Good Vibes Solider” featuring Head Quattaz just dropped Friday and it is a completely different style KSHMR that we haven't seen before. The song has a mixture reggaeton, rap, and traditional KSHMR elements making it a catchy, perfect track to wrap up summer with. We got the chance to talk to KSHMR about this track as well as a few other items in the interview below.


EDM Sauce – Thanks for doing this! “Good Vibes Soldier” just dropped on Friday and its getting great reaction from fans and critics alike. Many thought before release it was a Vini Vici collab, could you speak more on your newest single?

KSHMR – The idea originally started with Vini Vici, I thought it would be a psytrance idea but when they sent back their version, it morphed into what you're hearing now and they got the rapper on it. It's really out my realm style wise but I love the song so much, I wanted to put it out. In the end, Vini Vici aren't credited producers but they definitely co-produced and made a psytrance remix that'll be amazing.

EDM Sauce – It's been just over a year since your Dharma Worldwide label launched. What are your thoughts on your label 13 months after inception? Did things go as planned or did you have to steer f course a few times?

KSHMR – I've actually been pleasantly surprised with the amount good songs that get sent to us and it's made the development the label really easy. Having some fellow known DJs like Timmy Trumpet contribute their work to the label really helped set things f at a pace even I didn't expect. The one tricky thing has been to find songs that I feel fit the style Dharma. I don't want them all to sound like KSHMR songs but there is a worldliness I want to be reflected in the music because that's what is at the heart Dharma.

EDM Sauce – Summer in the USA is wrapping up, but that doesn't mean the festival season is over. What does the upcoming months have in store for KSHMR?

KSHMR – Towards the end the year I'm always touring a lot but I just completed a tour through Europe and I'm looking forward to being home and making new music. The sound pack, Sounds KSHMR Vol. 3 consumed a lot my time. I couldn't be happier about it but I'm glad to put it behind me and move forward to creating new songs. Starting in October I'll be traveling around the US to play some my new music for fans, you can find tickets on my website.

EDM Sauce – I want to ask 1 non-music related question to end this f. Being on the road so much, you get to taste so many unique foods. Where is your favorite food from?

KSHMR – I love Indian food. Whenever I'm in India I go crazy and by the time I leave, my digestive system has gone to hell because how thick, flavorful, and spicy it all is. So it's a double edged sword, but I love it all


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