Kyral x Banko Debut New EP “Snoitch” via Wakaan

Denver-based act Kyral x Banko make their debut on WAKAAN via Snoitch, a psychedelic journey through sound, animation and imagination. The ambitious EP fully immerses listeners into their outrageous and off-the-wall universe, while delivering hard-hitting sonic innovation through bass and trap. 

The EP opens with an ominous titular track; KxB’s trap roots are felt in the build through escalating synths and sharp percussion. The first drop hits at 1:02, where listeners are first clobbered with wobbly, experimental bass that possesses their patented ‘swing’ rhythm. KxB’s production offers dexterously nuanced sound design, yet still manages to emote the duo’s infectiously fun intensity. “Messin Witcha” offers similar, slow-moving energy, before sinister, scratching basslines take over for a wonky, DnB inspired beat. “Hypnotic” boasts a hip-hop flow and vocals from Dario Angelo. Snoitch wraps up by taking listeners into the “Simulation;” navigating a spacey atmosphere with fast tempo and crunchy bass. 

“The whole process of making this EP has been a true coming-of-age for the Kyral x Banko project. What started as an abstract, somewhat nonsensical concept ended up defining a pivotal shift in sound design and production for us. We’ve poured every ounce of ourselves into the soundscapes throughout the project in hopes to deliver a fresh and powerful experience. To us, Snoitch has come to represent a carefree, creative and mindful approach to life and we hope to spread these vibes to all who listen. It really just felt like a perfect time to bring the Snoitch energy into the world.”

About Kyral x Banko

Graduates of the University of Illinois, Collin Burdick and Bennett Kohler met in 2012. Burdick, an already well-known DJ on campus, quickly meshed with Kohler, who had been producing hip-hop beats since high school. Their sound has grown from heavy trap roots to a more experimental, inventive approach that incorporates both bass and hip-hop elements. Original rap vocals, live drums and a barrage of transitions through tempos and genres fuel the unrivaled energy of their stage performance. Inspired by trailblazers like Skrillex, Peekaboo, and Alix Perez, KxB strives to evolve every sound they create to its limits with the goal of delivering a truly unique sonic experience to listeners.

About Snoitch

Their style, sound and personality can only be described as Snoitch, an all-encompassing term born out of the zesty and eclectic KxB universe. While the duo has made this a household term among their fans, they’ve waited until now to allow Snoitch to animate into a full project. The cover art is illustrated by Burdick, and encapsulates a psychedelic look into their lives, interests and imagination. Furthermore, the EP unveils their more forward thinking, Snoitch-y take on modern bass music.


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