Laidback Luke & Domastic – U Don’t

• Surreal experience in the drop
• Unexpected combination of two synergistic styles
• Cliché vocal packed with surprises

I have always kept a true respect towards Laidback Luke, one of the few veterans that, in my opinion, has managed to stay “real” in the scene, even after all this years. His Future House-oriented style keeps receiving twists (as he often brands it as “Twisted House”) and different variations based on the artist he’s working along with, and I consider it a great example of “constructive” team-up. A collaboration made because there is true synergy between the people involved.

Domastic is a versatile talent in the scene, his sound is characterized by very aggressively constructed basslines, which are often surprising. I discovered him thanks to “Elephant” back in the days, and I’m glad to see that he has achieved various nice milestones. Amassing millions of streams because of his finely crafted NCS releases, he even received the exclusive honor of an “edit” and a collab with our beloved friend MotI!

Their joint-effort, “U Don’t“, keeps some Future House schematics and then break paired with a Domastic-style brutal drop. A sudden dark atmosphere keeps playing, leaving a surreal feeling to the composition. Despite not being a fan of these standard funky vocals, I liked the risky choice of keeping a repetitive loop in the buildup… It added a weird touch to the section, something familiar, yet eerie. The whole structure left me with an uncomfortable vibe. Loved it!

Domastic and LL are undoubtedly a great pair as demonstrated with this track, mixing unpredictability and experience for a lethal result. A breakdown with a beautiful atmosphere (yet rather familiar) gets smashed by a surreal drop, creative and unique. “U Don’t” is pure quality!

You can listen to “U Don’t” here:

Mixmash Records · Laidback Luke & Domastic – U Don’t