Lilly Palmer Fuses Techno & Rap In ‘New Generation’ EP

One of techno’s current phenomenal stars, Lilly Palmer, has brought out a unique, innovative fusion to her music style for her latest EP, New Generation. The EP contains three tracks and signifies a new era in the wonderful career of this wonderful artist. Shortly before the release of this EP, the spectacular techno artist had released her sonic masterpiece, ‘Hare Ram,‘ and it now has over 2.7 million streams on Spotify. Fast forward to today, Lilly Palmer continues to provide her magnificent fusion style of techno for the New Generation EP. In fact, the techno style of this EP is a new experimental, rap-techno style, ‘gangsta techno.’ The three tracks in the New Generation EP of Lilly Palmer proves why ‘gangsta techno’ will become a powerful force in the techno genre.

The electrifying title track of the EP provides an instant, energetic feel for anyone who wants to get their groove on right away. Afterwards, ‘Escape’ is a track that exudes heart-pumping, synth-rolling melodies that makes fans want to hear more. The third track, ‘Let’s Make One’ has darker tones that also gives off festival-like vibes when the music starts playing. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to stream Lilly Palmer’s fantastic new EP, New Generation, which will have everyone blasting the tunes on repeat throughout the night.

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