Lindsey Stirling and Mako Team Up for “Lose You Now”

In a beautiful and heartfelt single, Lindsey Stirling and Mako team up for the release of “Lose You Now,” a song written in memory of both Stirling’s father and best friend.

Immediately crashing over listeners with a violin, Stirling steals the show with an earnest melody to tug hearts. Mako quickly sweeps in with an equally stellar emotive vocal performance. Through her violin, Stirling opens her heart with the most candid display.

“Lose You Now” exudes soul, gripping listeners with its warm lyrics as we remember the people in our lives and count the lucky moments we have with them. Both Lindsey Stirling and Mako beautifully weld their talents in a breathtaking display of pure emotion, particularly as the song touches on a personal topic for Stirling.

As though the song wasn’t moving enough, Stirling also released an incredibly touching music video to accompany the single. “Lose You Now” is now available for all to stream.

Lindsey Stirling shares intimate details about “Lose You Now”

Lindsey Stirling shared intimate details about the song and the mementos scattered throughout the video.

This song was on my album as an instrumental song, but I always knew it was really special. I am so grateful for Mako for the lyrics he wrote to ‘Lose You Now’ because he perfectly captured the feelings I’d never been able to put into words. I actually balled like a baby the first time I heard his version and I felt like my father and best friend (both of whom have passed away) were giving me a big warm hug. Creating this song and the music video has brought me a sense of peace. The video is full of special memories and signs that represent the people I’ve lost. I used to have cereal picnics with my dad. Whenever I see a monarch butterfly, I feel like my friend Gavi is checking in on me. The little fox stuffed animal represents my baby niece, who passed away this summer. These little Easter eggs and many more make this video so special to me. Now, as we
release it, I hope to share that hug and healing with the world. We can all use it right now.

Lindsey Stirling

Mako discussed about his contributions

Additionally, Mako discussed his hand in the project, sharing the process of providing vocals for the song and working with Stirling.

This was a really special song for me to be a part of. I was so lucky to meet Lindsey while working on her recent album, when I worked on ‘Love Goes On And On’ with her and Amy Lee. More importantly, we became friends in that period of time. When word got to me that Lindsey was looking for a special vocal to accompany ‘Guardian,’ I remember being so completely moved by the subject of the song. Something about getting to know Lindsey and feeling a very sincere sense of care for her, the vocal just absolutely tumbled out. I remember getting choked up trying to even record it, it took me a few tries. I’m really grateful to be involved in this and looking forward to sharing the message of this song with everyone out there.