Listen To Skrillex's ID-Packed Full Set From His Performance At Fuji Rock, Japan

Skrillex did something rare this past weekend – he played a full EDM set. As many American's lamented that the show took place in Japan, everyone was still mystified by the incredible music featured in his set.

Obviously Skrillex is one of the most respected artists in the history of dance music. He helped dubstep break into the pop culture collective unconscious while simultaneously change the way electronic music was produced forever.

If you were not lucky enough to catch his set in Japan a Soundcloud user has managed to upload the entire thing. In the set there are countless IDs which many posit will be released on Skrillex's upcoming album.

While the set is not the best quality in the world, it certaintly demonstrates just how hard Skrillex has been going behind the scenes. Check it out below.