Little Snake – “Raining Teeth” (feat. Tutara Peak)

Calgary IDM producer transcends on shattering new single off upcoming debut LP

Calgary producer Little Snake (real name Gio Serpentini) continues to build hype around his forthcoming debut album A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architect – which arrives on May 7 via Brainfeeder. So far we’ve heard the excellent singles “Fallen Angels” (feat. Flying Lotus) and “Loophole” (feat. Amon Tobin), and today he’s giving us another taste of the album with the shatteringly beautiful “Raining Teeth.”

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Featuring British producer & songwriter Tutara Peak (aka Harvey Carter and one-half of Ekcle), “Raining Teeth” starts out on a probing, atmospheric note before delving into rolling waves of pummeling breakbeats, sub bass and rollercoaster-like synth convulsion. Through all the strobey distortion and puncturing beats, it’s a disarmingly haunting and melodic listening experience that also carries that hallucinatory, epileptic Brainfeeder charm.

“I found out about Tutara’s work around 2019 and I still religiously play all his work to this day,” Little Snake shared. “‘Raining Teeth’ is very familiar to our sound yet foreign to even our personal taste. It is an extremely emotionally rich piece heavily reliant on its melodic aspects to paint a picture a lot of the technical parts of the album couldn’t quite attain. I attribute the bulk of that magic to Tutara, as his ear for nostalgia and warmth was a sought after component for the album. It holds up as one of the strongest pieces of the puzzle it resides on. To this day our composition is one of, if not my favorite, pieces I’ve worked on.”

You can pre-order A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architect HERE and check out the visualizer for “Raining Teeth” below: