Lola Wild – “Sand”

London-based duo conjure melancholic shoegaze on debut single

London-based duo Lola Wild have shared their debut single “Sand,” a statement of intent for the brooding and unique indie they’re going to release over the coming months. Recorded at East London’s Soup Studios, it’s a dark piece of indie with elements of blues and shoegaze filtered through hazy, lush production. 

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Formed by songwriting duo George Godfrey and Sian Barnett after meeting through a shared love of film noir, the duo soon found they also shared musical flair, and have been writing together ever single. “Sand” builds from rich layers of guitar riffs, and what stands out immediately is lead singer Barnett’s vocals. Rich in emotion and perfectly suited to the song, it’s an intensely brooding and accomplished piece of music from the brand new act. 

“Sand is inspired by themes of Mrs Dalloway, a novel by Virginia Woolf,” Lola Wild shared. “Leaping between past and present, thoughts of past loves and losses, and reminiscing on what she could have had, now that she is an older woman.”

Check out the video for “Sand” below.