London DJs plan marathon rave to protest Trump's visit

London DJs plan marathon rave to protest Trump's visitLondon is preparing for Donald Trump’s arrival in some very public ways. First, there was the rise of Green Day’s 2004 hit “American Idiot” to charting territory some 14 years after its release, and now, the fervor for protest is forming into real action. While Americans in London are being warned to keep a low profile during Trump’s visit, those in the electronic music scene in the UK city are gearing up to play their part in the protests.

Gideön, a local London DJ and host of Soho Radio, is throwing a party — and simultaneous protest — at his radio station’s home base. Taking place on Friday, July 13, the get-together is for the public, with other contemporary guests joining in to spin, including Midland, Seth Troxler, Hannah Holland, Jackmaster and Prosumer.

Speaking to Resident Advisor, Gideön made it clear he saw the opportunity quickly.

“When Theresa May invited Trump to London, I just was fucking delighted,” he says. “I thought, this was brilliant. This is an opportunity to bring together everybody who wants to kick the Tories out, everybody wants to show Trump is not welcome in our beautiful city with his bullshit nationalist rhetoric, and everybody who is mortified at being railroaded into the terrible, terrible fucking mistake that is Brexit.”

But this isn’t entirely about making an excuse to get out and party.

“I really feel that if you are in a position of influence in society, it’s your responsibility to do good,” Gideön continues. “It’s my life’s work to do the ‘carrot and stick’ thing with parties and protest, to bolt causes onto music and clubbing and underground gay club culture.”

H/T: Resident Advisor