Lost Labels of Yesterday: Puregold Records & TNC Recordings

Welcome to our first exclusive series for this year, “Lost Labels Of Yesterday”. In this trilogy, we will remind ourselves of music imprints that decided to hit the brake; whether long-forgotten or recently abandoned. While this would not be an in-depth analysis, we will attempt to find the reason on why these once thriving labels had to forfeit their potential and cease operation.

As a music producer, one tends to look up to certain labels of their choice and aspire to get signed by them. I had mine and among that list, two names felt to be mentioned in this series. Today’s candidates are Puregold Records and TNC Recordings, both having made considerable impact in the former years.

Let’s begin with Puregold Records.
Founded in 2016, this Austrian imprint had a first and foremost policy of promoting genuine talents. Unlike many other competitors of the time who chose to commercialize with radio-friendly tunes, Puregold would rather variate in all forms of festival music; Hard House, Big Room, Progressive House and other energetic forms of Electronic and Dance music. Having a recognizable black and golden graphic trademark, it oversaw many creative records from the likes of Jaxx & Vega, Tommy Jayden, GMAXX, Sansixto and so on. Unfortunately on a wintry day of early 2018, the label was announced as paused indefinitely by its owner, primary reasons being lack of motivation to continue further and cut-throat pace in the scene.

Feel_The_Rush · Puregold Records

During the time Puregold was thriving, there was another up and coming publisher who was equally determined about making a name. Here we have TNC Recordings, a label which whole-heartedly devoted to quality over quantity. Having an impressive roster of aliases such as Arcando, ANG, SaberZ, REGGIO and more, the management of TNC Music left no stones unturned to contend with opponents like Revealed and Mainstage (now Rave Culture). As summer of 2019 would come with its unbearably high temperatures, so would hiatus of the mentioned association. It seemed TNC music had more interests in popular formats of music released via Future Generation, and hence, they shifted over their operation funds towards what would guarantee them more relevance. Whether they plan on returning afterwards remains to be seen, but for most parts, it seems they discontinued.

TNC Recordings · TNC Music Releases

That is it for the second part of “Lost Labels of Yesterday”.

What do you think about these record labels and what are your favourite tracks released by them? Stay tuned as we talk about the next two names from our list!