Lost Remixes: Bart Simpson – Do The Bartman (Diplo’s Bartman So So Krispy Remix)

Lost Remixes is a series where we explore and share forgotten, unofficial remixes and mash ups that once ruled the music blogosphere.

It’s 2007 and if you’re a producer, you’re remixing just about anything you can get your hands on. In a young Diplo’s case, he chose to do a quick job on The Simpson’s ‘Do The Bartman’ that gained a cult status.

The beauty of blog house back then was, it wasn’t so much about quality, it was more about pop culture touch points for your DJ set. People wanted to hear a ridiculous flip on the likes of a Mickey Mouse intro or a Frank Sinatra classic. It was all very weird and wonderful.

This remix is a direct reflection on the enthusiasm of producers to push stuff out into the blogosphere, sweetly positioned in the heat of blog house and pre-Facebook with no heat of critique by the masses. Just enthusiasm for new things.

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