Louis Futon delivers kaleidoscopic debut album, 'Way Back When' – Dancing Astronaut

A cacophony of trumpets coalesces with the nice and cozy notes of a saxophone to pierce the silence on “The Beginning,” an attention-grabbing, aptly titled quantity that opens Louis Futon’s debut album, Way Back When. Inherently dynamic, Futon has lengthy handled listeners to his ahead considering remixes, to put his personal idiosyncratic spins on different artists’ choices, like James Blake‘s “Retrograde,” and Travis Scott‘s “Wake Up.” Now, Futon channels his artistic efforts into an prolonged, 14-track exhibiting that radiates the brilliant, buoyant character attribute of a Futon single.

Way Back When engages listeners from begin to end in its unpredictability, and the enjoyable that Futon evidently had when engineering the debut challenge is audible in every track of the album. The daring instrumental parts of “The Beginning” are crisp commencers that yield to the twinkling synths and relatively syrupy tempo of the album’s second track, “Surreal.” Delightfully kaleidoscopic within the nature of its cuts, Way Back When dabbles within the vocal-centric on “Rewind,” with the bubbly help of Ashe and Armani White. Futon melds playful tones with glitchy association on “Supposed To Be,” to craft a rhythmically oriented joint, accented with DUCKWRTH delivered hip-hop verses. Way Back When traverses distinctive sonic territories throughout its 14 comprising cuts, to emerge as a extremely developed debut challenge that's duly numerous in its sound, and cohesive.

Photo credit score: Louis Futon/Facebook