Mahalo Releases Bass-Heavy “Not Watching Anymore”

Hawaii-born and Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Mahalo, coming off of another huge year marks his debut on TNT Records unleashing his newest infectious anthemic melodic bass driven single, “Not Watching Anymore” out now. 

Mahalo’s much anticipated single tells the story of a complicated one sided relationship where one person is completely fed up and won’t stand for it anymore, “Keep acting like you’re so hurt, you’re crying but I know it’s fake…I show you how much I care but you could give a damn.” “Not Watching Anymore” has already gained support from Spotify and can be found on Spotify’s Cratediggers  playlist.

The catchy energy of “Not Watching Anymore”

“Not Watching Anymore” is a catchy energizing track with an anthemic beat driven melody. The bouncy melodic beats are accompanied by an uplifting drop. Meanwhile, the emotive vocals and upbeat lyrics perfectly match to the beats cooked up by Mahalo. They act as the cherries on top and really drives the track home.

Mahalo once again showcases his exceptional production skills, attention to detail and his signature bass sounds with his latest single. ‘Not Watching Anymore” is a sure anthem that will have you longing for the dancefloor!

Mahalo’s comments on the track

This is what Mahalo had to say about “Not Watching Anymore”:

 “Originally, I began working on this track with another one of my close producer friends in New York, I was really drawn to the vocal melodies and the lyrics from the singer. I ultimately took the record over and added my signature bass sounds and production. I am really happy with how the final product came out, and I hope the listener enjoys it too!” 

Mahalo discusses how “Not Watching Anymore” came to be

Stream the track here: