Mantrastic & Rechler – Waiting

Comeback of the synergistic duo
Groovy “Protocol-Style” vibe
Minimalistic schema, yet capable of providing the right amount of stamina

Another “Electro Groove” collab between Mantrastic and Rechler after their previous works on Protocol Samplers! In fact, the dup has worked together many times, including a Dua Lipa Remix and a release on Cr2… But the most appreciated results (in my humble experience) came from two Protocol EPs in 2019 (ADE and Miami editions). “Waiting” is the third chapter of the “Protocol Saga” of Mantrastic & Rechler, after “Had Enough” and “Spread Love“. As expected, it conforms to the squeaky acid synth riffs in the breakdown, almost a signature of them.

“Waiting” has a minimalistic approach; a risky move but, in this context, makes possible to focus on all its elements. It all starts with a good and catchy beat, which keeps on going filling the atmosphere with an eurythmic melody and a funky vocal chop. I liked the vocal, it’s a rather predictable element in Protocol releases, but still manages to impress me! My favorite part, as expected, was the groovy drop, fusing a funky vibe with the aforementioned  Mantrastic/Rechler signature. Another segment that needs to be mentioned is the initial breakdown, when a classy piano has some freedom in order to insert (slightly forcefully) some elegance in “Waiting”.

Overall, “Waiting” is that type of track that can easily cause ravers to fall in love. Minimal schematics, but a solid dose of stamina and a subtle elegance!

You can listen to “Waiting” here:

Protocol Recordings · Mantrastic & Rechler – Waiting