Marcilli Celebrates Jamaican Independence Day With Latest Single ‘DONE (Breakup Anthem)’

Vocalist/songwriter Marcilli is one of the hottest rising talents from Jamaica as of the moment due to her soaring vocals and tasteful songwriting. She draws her inspiration from artists like Billie Elish, Rihanna, Suga of BTS, and Daniel Caesar and is one of the first and few openly queer-identified Jamaican artists. To celebrate Jamaican Independence day, and break down barriers, she has released ‘DONE (Breakup Anthem‘ where she masterfully blends dance music, R&B, and latin pop.

The track was born from personal heartbreak and disappointment, but it evolved into a project that fills Marcilli with pride. She hope it can inspire others to set boundaries and value themselves. The release is further emphasized that it is released before Jamaican Independence Day, which is the country’s most important holiday. Marcilli hopes to set an example for future generations of artists who want to freely express themselves.

Marcilli shared their thoughts on the release: “writing this song was born out of some serious heartbreak and disappointment, but seeing it evolve into the project it is today, gives me such a boost of encouragement. Honestly, it’s one of the things I’m most proud of so far, and I really hope it can inspire others to set their own boundaries and know their damn worth.”

Check out the track below and enjoy!