Marsh Releases Uplifting House Single ‘Veil’

From a man who we’ve seen skyrocket this year and the last, here comes yet another of his sweet treats.

Tom Marshall‘s year has been anything but boring. Kicking off literally on tour, releasing an original album, then a remixed version of that album, Marsh’s latest months have been quite demanding, yet super satisfying. And precisely, his latest release is one you might have heard about for a while. I say so myself, after having been blessed by this ID in June of last year.

The most recent addition to Marsh‘s sublime catalogue is titled ‘Veil‘. Released on Franky Wah‘s imprint SHÈN Recordings, this track is one of the more banging and harder singles coming from the UK producer so far. Marsh takes the sound he’s so widely known for, and ups the energy a tad, with new textures, a more House-oriented approach, and even more groove than before.

‘Veil’ is a club focussed record. It brings a nice ‘ravey’ moment to my sets when weaved in between the more typical melodic vibes.


Tom says the name was a bit of a placeholder at the start. The name ‘Veil’ came as inspiration from a book he’s been reading while on tour. It then grew to become appropriate for the track. We can see it finally ended up being the true name of this new single we now have available everywhere.


Marsh’s single kicks off with the iconic pluck that is so close to his core sound. Only to then rev up the tension and release everything in a club-oriented drop. Everything but the melody, that is. Progressive as it comes, elements and harmonies eventually make an appearance to give way to the beautiful arrangement lying behind the beat.

The break is a moment of reflection. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the moment, hands in the air and giving it all out on a cleverly lit dancefloor. Tension arises once again but now to give way to a Benny Benassi kind of growl, along with two acid basslines. Let the groove, percussion, and vocal chops, carry you once again.

Have a listen to ‘Veil‘, the latest single by Marsh, right below for your Spotify play. Alternatively, click here to be redirected to YouTube, or here to support the song anywhere you like. Thanks for the long-awaited ID, Tom!