Marshmello Collaborates With A Marshmallow Company

Marshmello is finally using his alias to partner with a marshmallow manufacturer. He just announced a new partnership with marshmallow company Stuffed Puffs and just in time for Halloween!

These limited edition marshmallow treats are pre-filled with chocolate and individually wrapped. The idea behind the Stuffed Puff is easing the process of creating s’mores. When roasting a Stuffed Puff, all one needs is a graham cracker!

Marshmello posted a Halloween-themed promo video to Instagram announcing the collaboration featuring a Monster Mash remix as the background track. Playing off of the idea of the single served marshmallow he wrote, “It’s always better to be single.”

Marshmello and Stuffed Puffs CEO Michael Tierney previously met at a Forbes 30 Under conference in 2019. Tierney reached out to Marshmello as he saw a perfect partnership between the marshmallow manufacturing company and a marshmallow-themed artist.

Additionally, Stuffed Puffs is hosting a giveaway in September offering fans autographed Marshmello helmets.

The marshmallows are available now on the Stuffed Puffs website, which features a Marshmello helmet filled with Stuffed Puffs on the home screen.

Marshmello Collaborations

This isn’t the first time that Marshmello teamed up with a big company. Over the past couple of years, he collaborated with various different companies and projects.

Just this year, he created new merchandise with Chinatown Market. In fact, he hosted a livestream via Instagram called “Make A T-Shirt Live.” Fans tuned in to watch the creation of three new t-shirt designs. Marshmello and Chinatown market also decided to donate a portion of profits from the merchandise to Feeding America for COVID-19 relief.

Also, since 2019, he collaborated with Fortnite multiple times. For one, he hosted the first-ever Fortnite virtual concert. The team also created Marshmallow X Fortnite merchandise.

Marshmello never fails to keep fans engaged with consistent new projects. Without a doubt, a solid team is behind Marshmello keeping his schedule busy.