Martin Garrix concludes summer tour in Berlin for newest episode of The Martin Garrix Show [Watch] – Dancing Astronaut

Martin Garrix takes off for Lollapalooza Berlin in the newest episode of The Martin Garrix Show, where his Anima summer tour is set to conclude. Garrix reflects on how sad he is for the tour to end, and he hangs out with fellow artists in the catering area, including previous show-frequenter Dean Lewis.

This episode reaffirms the painstaking process Garrix and vocalists go through in the making of a hit, as shown in previous episodes. Lewis tells a story about how Garrix called him a month after the final version of “Used To Love” was complete, and told him they would need to re-do the entire song. The duo proceeded to do just that, and fans get a sneak peak into how intense Garrix is when it comes to perfecting a piece.

Garrix’s production manager dubs his closing show, “the perfect ending to the perfect summer.” Lewis goes on his first private jet flight back to Garrix’s house in Amsterdam, where they will undeniably continue to perfect “Used to Love.” Watch the full episode below.

Photo Credit: Ultra