Mary Miller – H.D.

Mary Miler is an upcoming Liverpool, UK based singer, songwriter and producer who has creating a haunting indie pop hit with “H.D.” and I'm really into it. In the vein of Billie Eilish or Lorde, her dark and trippy production style is just something to hold the beat the real show stopper on this single is her mesmerizing vocal ability. Sometimes in music simplicity is key, and in Mary Miller's case that is clearly the case. I'll have this song on repeat the next couple of days, I'm sure some of you readers will too. Check out “H.D.” below!

“HD is about somebody who talks down to you or undermines you but is quick to change their mind and responding to that by getting so drunk that you stop caring. To say you're ‘HD' is like you're on fire, you're free, leaving your consciousness behind.” – Mary Miller