Massano Marks Homecoming to Simulate Through ‘Talking’

Massano returns home to his own label, Simulate. He presents Chapter 6 of the Simulate story, named ‘Talking’. Embracing the idea that life is a simulation, Massano founded Simulate to envision a future where technology reigns supreme. It combines music, technology, and philosophical exploration into a unique sonic experience that challenges our perception of reality.

The energetic single features a powerful robot vocal. It brings us back to the robot origins of Simulate’s story, only this time with a new sonic style not heard before on the label. Despite Talking’s alternative approach to sound design, the Massano signatures still lie within. It is comprised of a driving bassline, high-energy drums and exciting synths to support the vocal.

This track has been destroying dance floors all around the world with its constant energy and tension. It never fails to keep people moving and lift the atmosphere. With each release, Simulate presents an exploration of sonic and optical possibilities. It results in connecting music with technology and inviting audiences to imagine the digital possibilities of our current and future realities.