Matoma & A R I Z O N A – Heart So Big

In a world full of distress and uncertainty, Matoma and A R I Z O N A are here to celebrate the joys of love and humanity in all shapes and forms. With previous successful collaborations already in their pockets, the team is set for a more purposeful project that transcends culture, language, and boundaries, and to touch the hearts of people worldwide.

A masterpiece full of pure emotions, “Heart So Big” is a love letter A R I Z O N A’s longtime collaborator PJ Bianco wrote to his son with autism. With the release date set especially during the National Autism Awareness Month, Matoma and A R I Z O N A hope that this track will not only raise autism awareness, but also make a positive change and spread love at a time when the world urgently needs it. Listen to “Heart So Big” now and be prepared to be showered with emotions and love!