Matroda & POLOVICH Drop Groovy New Track ‘The Funk You Want’

Maintaining his stronghold on the throne, Matroda once again dominated the music scene in 2023. Throughout the year, he graced the stages of numerous clubs and festivals, including iconic events like Lollapalooza, Veld Fest, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and Splash House. Matroda also found time to oversee his label, Terminal Underground, unveiling new releases after new releases. His relentless pursuit of success and influence shows no signs of slowing down.

He bids farewell to the year on a triumphant note with the much-anticipated ‘The Funk You Want.’ Collaborating with the emerging talent POLOVICH, this single perfectly encapsulates the essence of Matroda’s distinctive style. The track is a harmonious blend of sonic personality, infectious themes, and meticulously crafted rhythm, placing him at the forefront of electronic dance music.

Adding another gem to his extensive discography, ‘The Funk You Want’ showcases Matroda’s mastery in merging funky vocals, a bass-infused melody, and distinctive tech-house grooves that have become synonymous with his signature sound.

As Matroda continues his North America winter tour, culminating in the inaugural Terminal Underground showcase in Los Angeles, one thing remains crystal clear—he was destined for this journey and has dedicated his life to turning his dreams into reality. A beacon of excellence, Matroda symbolizes the boundless possibilities of making music the focal point of one’s existence in the digital music era.

Make sure to check out ‘The Funk You Want‘ below!