MATTN x D-wayne – Morning Mood

• “Peer Gynt” gets a modernistic rework two centuries after creation
• Excellent idea that loses charm ipse facto its business relation
• Intriguing hybrid experiment

This article has been made possible solely on the basis for completing a bet I waged with the fans on reviewing the first suggestion in a poll on Instagram, but I have to admit that I was perhaps missing this small gem from D-Wayne. After his respectable career on Wall Recordings, he decided to collaborate with… Pardon, I don’t see any other real producer at work here. As we were saying, he might have decided to develop his networking skill for the upcoming occasion of Tomorrowland 2021. Business is business in the end of the day, and I am grateful to sleep peacefully without such guilt, as opposed to almost other half of the EDM scene which engages in regrettable decisions.

Putting aside the sarcasm (this is entirely my opinions expressed in a satirical format), this solo release is fascinating, musically speaking. The Dutch creator spun a Future Bounce schematic with the classical “Peer Gynt”, composed by the esteemed Norwegian Edward Grieg in the late nineteenth century. If you haven’t recognized this yet, the musical piece has been used blatantly over dozen of cheery morning/waking up scenes in cinematography. Now, isn’t that genuine and never thought of before?

Talking about the arrangements done, the outcome fuses adequately in an energetic drop that holds the indelible fairy and romantic-era vibes, providing an elegant and captivating sequence. There is your typical bounce-laden blueprints, however it can unanimously agreed upon that this instrumental has its fair share of creativity, without exaggeration. The transitional phase in between glues the centuries of difference adeptly in both the breakdown and drop, without falling apart in the splendid attempt. It efficiently impressed my ear, which is otherwise picky with a unique formula. This is definitely for the summer parties, thanks to its dance-able melody and positive tonality. I fail to see how it cannot be alluring for all types of listeners.

Now, to conclude, it’s infuriating to see D-Wayne’s good idea used for mere profitable reasons. At one end, I truly enjoy this re-work, but then I would like to have a clearer conscience by supporting talents who undeniably need more spotlight and attention. Hence, the highest negative (60-) rating possible for this badly managed idea.

You can listen to “Morning Mood” here:

Smash The House · Morning Mood – MATTN x D-wayne