Mau P Unleashes Mind-Boggling Music Video for ‘On Again’

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International House sensation Mau P, known for his global hit singles like ‘Drugs From Amsterdam,’ has just released his first-ever vocal track, ‘On Again,’ featuring legendary producer Mike Dean. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Mau P dropped a mind-boggling music video that takes viewers on a journey through his coma-like dream world. Starring in the video himself, Mau P leads us through a chaotic yet cinematic experience, filled with surreal imagery and unexpected twists. While Mau P is no stranger to creating captivating video content, ‘On Again’ marks only his second official music video release. With his unique blend of creativity and storytelling, Mau P continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences around the world.

The Electric Dream World of ‘On Again’

As the opening chords of ‘On Again’ fill the air, Mau P transports viewers into a dreamlike state, where reality blurs with fantasy. The music video opens with Mau P sinking into a phone booth, surrounded by swirling lights and distorted images. This surreal setting sets the tone for the rest of the video, hinting at the otherworldly journey that is about to unfold.

Throughout the video, Mau P takes on various roles and personas, each more bizarre and captivating than the last. From dangling his feet off the edge of a cloud to fighting imaginary foes in a grocery store, Mau P’s performance is both mesmerizing and unpredictable. The visuals are a feast for the eyes, with vibrant colors and striking imagery that draw viewers deeper into Mau P’s dream world.

One of the most striking scenes in the video features Mau P as a gardener, tending to industry plants that seem to grow before our eyes. This metaphorical imagery hints at Mau P’s own growth as an artist, nurturing his talent and creativity in a world filled with challenges and obstacles. The video is a testament to Mau P’s artistic vision and his ability to create immersive and captivating storytelling through music and visuals.

The Creative Genius of Mau P

While ‘On Again’ is only Mau P’s second official music video, the artist has been utilizing short-form video content to engage with his fans for some time now. From elaborate CGI productions for his Wynn Las Vegas residency announcement to self-produced videos showcasing his daily life and creative process, Mau P has always been at the forefront of visual storytelling.

With ‘On Again,’ Mau P continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, delivering a music video that is both visually stunning and thematically rich. The video is a reflection of Mau P’s unique style and artistic vision, showcasing his ability to blend music, visuals, and storytelling into a seamless and compelling narrative.

As Mau P’s star continues to rise in the world of International House music, ‘On Again’ serves as a testament to his talent and creativity. With its mind-boggling visuals and electrifying energy, the music video is a fitting accompaniment to the infectious beats and catchy lyrics of the song. Mau P’s ‘On Again’ video is a must-watch for fans of electronic music and visual storytelling alike.