Mia Shanti – EYES

Mia Shanti makes a pretty incredible debut via “EYES”, an high energy House track that pulls from a wealth of inspirations including ambient Electronica, celestial Pop and Tech House. Produced in collaboration with producers Ryan O’Regan and Lucius, “EYES” has a euphoric vibe throughout that will also have you moving your body by the time the song finishes. Gradually evolving until it ends, “EYES” continues to grow as the track goes on and it's sounding great. Check out a quote from Mia Shanti below on the release and watch the video for her new single below that!

“I will continue to belt over electronica and let my imagination run wild, and I hope the listeners love it, or at least bop their heads to the naughty beats… either way in my eyes I’ve made it, I have been waiting for this moment for 23 years.” -Mia Shanti