Michael Bibi Announces His Exciting Return With New Tour

2023 was a challenging year for British producer Michael Bibi. His battle against CNS Lymphoma had a happy year end with his announcement of being cancer free. Ending the year on a positive note, today we bring to you news shared by Bibi yesterday. The announcement of the One Life tour overjoyed fans with his global return.

Michael Bibi’s difficult battle through cancer has been nothing short of inspiring. It signifies Bibi’s strength, will and unwavering passion for music. His resilience through the year was victorious and the cause of his recovery. This story has been a ray of hope for all of his fans and fellow producers across the world. The fruitful outcome of this journey is the worldwide One Life tour, a celebration of life. This tour will be a result of Bibi’s dedication to get better and appreciation for his fans. The global tour will bring together fans from all nooks and corners of the world. It will be a perfect celebration of human spirit, music, togetherness. It will be a grand party.

I’m excited to celebrate life

Michael Bibi

Details around dates, locations, and special events will be released in the next few weeks. Bibi has stated a percentage of proceeds from the tour will support various cancer charities including where he received treatment at the Foundation Trust of The Royal Marsden Hospital. Stay tuned to EDMTunes to follow Michael Bibi’s journey!