Michael Bibi Launches New Clothing Line Raising Funds For Cancer Research

We have all witnessed Michael Bibi’s challenging year as he battled CNS Lymphoma. However, he successfully emerged cancer-free and in remission after undergoing six months of treatment. Upon his return, he surprised his fans with a set at Ibiza, his first performance since his diagnosis. He has also since announced his One Life tour, and recently played an incredible extended set at the new Qasar stage at Coachella. Something new today, is Michael Bibi’s Clothing Collection.

One Life Clothing Collection

Michael Bibi has announced the release of a new merchandise line called “One Life clothing collection“. The proceeds raised from the line will be used for cancer research. The collection includes four T-shirts, all of which will feature the butterfly design seen on Bibi’s recent Coachella set. Three of the T-shirts will have the words “#FKCANCER” printed on them, while the fourth will have the quote “Life is a journey, embrace the winds, navigate the storms, emerge from the cocoon of challenges, fly free as a butterfly” printed on the back. You can check out the collection on Bibi’s online store.

Picture of the T-shirt from the new collection

Michael has had an exhilarating start to the year, performing a thrilling set at Coachella’s new Qasar stage. Next up for the founder of Solid Groovers is his One Life world tour. You can catch him at Finsbury Park on July 6th, where he will perform for 45,000 fans for the first stop of his tour. After that, he will be playing at Seville Plaza in Spain on July 13th, followed by headlining at Creamfields on August 25th. Keep up with Michael Bibi by pre-registering here. Go help Michael Bibi with his cancer research by supporting his new clothing line. That’s all from me, but stay tuned to EDMTunes for all the latest dance music updates!