Michael Bibi Returns With Spectacular Comeback Set At Coachella

British DJ Michael Bibi had a challenging year as he battled against CNS Lymphoma. However, Michael Bibi emerged victorious and recently returned to Coachella after his remission. This past weekend, he had an outstanding performance at the new Quasar stage, featuring several surprise appearances, which was highly anticipated by his fans. His set was truly mind-blowing and left the audience in awe.

Bibi had the 7:15 pm time slot at the brand new Quasar stage on Saturday of Weekend One during Coachella. He performed an extended set that included several IDs that took fans by surprise. To truly appreciate the legendary performance, you had to be there in person. The Quasar stage was created in response to the growing popularity of electronic performances at Coachella. It features prolonged DJ sets on a pedestal, which is a major move for the festival. Bibi’s performance was even more special as it marked his mother’s first time attending Coachella, and she clearly had a great time.

Michael Bibi Press Pictures

Bibi’s diagnosis last year with cancer, put a halt to his life as he battled through Lymphoma. He underwent five rounds of chemotherapy and emerged successfully in remission. The whole journey gave Michael a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude. His performance at Coachella marked the return of the titan, and he is now embarking on his One Life tour later this summer. You can check out the dates for his tour here and be sure not to miss out! Stay tuned to EDMTunes as we follow Michael Bibi’s journey this summer.