Michael Calfan – Last Call

“Resurrection” follow-up with different percussions
The original version has been kept intact, almost
Not entirely fan of the snare presence

After more or less seven years of waiting, I can finally pen this review. With the prototype version of the song revealing itself on platforms like SoundCloud, it seems an even older relic than that, circa 2013. With a fake Axtone cover promising its unveiling on a certain day in the unwarranted future, this is perhaps the one most waited instrumental by many a fans and admirers alike.

Martynas Statauskas · Michael Calfan – Last Call (Sun Goes Down)

After the colossal success that “Resurrection (Axwell Mix)” garnered, which is undoubtedly a Progressive House masterpiece, as the French veteran Michael Calfan served this chef d’oeuvre and broke further through the booming scene. “Last Call” famously utilized similar sound-set, with a more significant groove. For some reasons, the adept Parisian creator didn’t release it and slowly transitioned towards into the “Soul House” (who can forget the indelible “Treasured Soul”) influenced music, thereafter with Deep and Future House. Of course this deterrence made him craft more gems, nevertheless the audience demanded the mentioned WIP be brought out sooner. Surprisingly enough it happened, on the very last Friday of the preceding month!

Alright, with every re-edit of an older ID, there are some changes indeed. Released by Spinnin’ Records with an anonymous disc as a cover art, it operates with a more “House-y” snare, not altering drastically from original. After hearing the primary draft for some time now, this came as somewhat of a dissatisfaction to me, but this is subjective. I did not feel the same uplifting and goosebumps inducing vibes from this as its inspiration, or the unofficial Progressive version saved on my SoundCloud account. The House structure may better suit for Calfan’s recent choices, but as a nostalgic boomer I couldn’t wholly be allured to the previous rhythm and blueprints, which has been slowed intentionally to suit the current styles of House music. Sticking to a bare minimum of few elements, Calfan cleverly managed to make a hooking melody and a melodic laden atmosphere. Had it been this drastic snare percussion choice, this song would have head-dived into a score of 90 plus!

Personally, I will continue to cherish the earlier rendition, which has been promised by Michael Calfan on his socials. But nitpicking apart, I am glad that the producer managed to deliver two versions with separate parts. During this wait, I highly recommend his 2014 remix of “Who We Are”, an underrated lost jewel that may satisfy your craving for quality Progressive House.

You can listen to “Last Call” here:

GREEK GENES · Who We Are (Greek Genes & STRNGS Intro Edit)

Spinnin’ Records · Michael Calfan – Last Call [OUT NOW]