Mike Stroud of Ratatat and White Flight reunite for ‘NOVAS’—their new single as KUNZITE – Dancing Astronaut

As with all periods of universal struggle, new, innovative music is certain to come as a result of the current global pandemic. Tour and festival cancellations have translated to plenty of time for creation. Obscure projects that existed only in minds will soon exist in reality, and old projects that fell by wayside will once again see the light of day.

KUNZITE is one of the latter. A collaboration between White Flight and Ratatat‘s Mike Stroud, the pair just released their new single “NOVAS”—a soaring, psychedelic jam alongside a complementary video. This is their first material since their 2018 album BIRDS DON’T FLY, and it appears the two guitar tacticians spent the interim nurturing their affection for groove.

With its contributors known to have an affinity for pushing, bending, and breaking boundaries, the project needed a label to match those intentions and Wilder fit the bill. Similar to the nature of KUNZITE, Wilder is an imprint formulated by two tastemakers in their own right: Future Classic and Tom Windisch, founder of The Windisch Agency.

Wilder was designed to focus on singles, and “NOVAS” is the second release in its catalog, meaning both Wilder and KUNZITE will no doubt be making more waves soon.

Photo credit: Priest Fontaine Batten