Mike Williams – I Said Too Much

Mike Williams - I Said Too Much

73%Overall Score

• Future bounce, as usual
• Clever, small details in the drops
• Admirable vocal delivery from Mona Lisa

I Said Too Much” has been looping for a while in my library, and it’s time to sum up my thoughts about this beautiful endeavor! It’s surprising to see Mike Williams away from his home turf Spinnin’. maybe making the track fly under the radars since Smash The House is not on my top-tier list… Evidently, there’s the desire to change things!

The Dutch creator has substantially devoted himself to Future Bounce, and this record follows the usual deal. From one side, I am sure he’s milking it quite much, yet Mike often manages to differentiate the projects just about enough to provide the idea that he’s imparting efforts into them, and not copy-paste formulas to cheaply pay off the audience.

This newest tune is one of these cases: sure, it’s Future Bounce, yet not immediately recognizable as one of Mike William’s brainchild. Let me say that Mona Lisa excelled with the vocals, breezy in its lyrics, and with plenty of personality. After a (sad) monologue, her voice abruptly stops (she said too much, get it?), and the drop hits. A gorgeous drop indeed, where the stereotypical aspects get replaced by a richer composition, laden with small details and an almost Progressive lead. Great catch with the melody too!

“I Said Too Much” is one of the best tracks from Mike Williams lately, mostly since it doesn’t align to the standard patterns, although it is subject to being forgettable after a few plays or so.

You can listen to “I Said Too Much” here:

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