Mike Williams X Mesto – Wait Another Day (Atmozfears Remix)

• Atmozfears on fire; remix after an album!
• Peculiar switch in breakdown
• Loses catchy-ness, gains personality

There’s a thing that still gives me some hope about Spinnin’ Records, and it’s the fact that sometimes they let Hardstyle veterans re-work their classic releases without imposing limitations, and that just happened with “With Another Day”.

I admire Atmozfears: being a heavyweight in the hard-dance scene, he has always reserved a steady flow of great releases for years! “This is my story” is an introspective album that came out recently, something I would have loved to discuss with great pleasure, had time not been a constraint. Making up for that, I will focus on his latest remix for one of my favourite hits from the heyday of 2018.

The original acts involved, Mike Williams and Mesto, clearly adopted a cheery vibe in the melody and lead which in turn made this collaboration further well-received. Even if simple Future Bounce, but damn, generously catchy! The Dutch solo act completely reformed and reshaped the framework in a suprising fashion.

A jazzy piano is composed over the breakdown, where the vocal gets distorted in a fierce, almost chaotic pattern.. Try to compare the two version and you will barely notice any similarities! After a genial pre-drop segment with the piano filling up the voids, the breakdown arrives again with a saxophone (if I am hearing it correctly). This variant of “Wait Another Day” acquires personality, becoming a more elegant and aberrant production, where even the Avicii inspired tonality is lost in the obscurity. Yet, now I can label this as a “creative Euphoric Hardstyle with a jazz influence” rather than something obvious. Surely, that was a great idea as numbers don’t lie, but hardcore fans deserved this truly underrated twist.

The ending drop finishes the instrumental with a swaying Hardstyle performance, where the mentioned riff changes a few notes to differentiate. Outstanding outcome I must say, one can’t deny that Atmozfears is in a fantastic shape lately!

You can listen to “Wait Another Day (Atmozfears Remix)” here:

Spinnin’ Records · Mike Williams X Mesto – Wait Another Day (Atmozfears Remix)