MitiS and Sarah De Warren Deliver Emotional Masterpiece with ‘Phantom Love’

Philadelphia-based melodic bass artist MitiS is back in the spotlight, teaming up with the talented songwriter and vocalist Sarah De Warren for their latest release, ‘Phantom Love.’ This introspective track follows MitiS’s captivating remix of Seven Lions‘ ‘Stop Thinking’ earlier this year, marking his return to Ophelia Records.

‘Phantom Love’ begins with a delicate guitar riff that sets a melancholic tone. Sarah De Warren’s ethereal vocals take center stage, delivering a heartfelt narrative of regrets and the yearning for a lost connection. Each lyric paints vivid images of restless nights haunted by memories of a past love, emphasizing an unrelenting desire for reconciliation. As the track progresses, MitiS adds his signature melodic bass elements to the mix. He carefully sculpts the basslines, seamlessly blending them with Sarah De Warren’s vocals. The song comes full circle, reintroducing the soft guitar melodies, leading to a satisfying earpleaser.

Here’s what MiTis had to say about his latest track:

“Phantom Love came together so naturally, Sarah de Warren absolutely crushed the vocals. I felt this song was a bit more dark than my normal writing, more mature. Usually my music is piano driven, however, Phantom Love is a guitar-driven song that I hope everyone enjoys.”