MitiS Releases His Spellbinding Third Album ‘Unity’ on Ophelia Records

As a journalist, there are pieces that come easily to me to write. However, there are ones that take a little bit more time, energy, and determination. Album reviews tend to be more difficult for me because of the content and immense amount of thoughts that come to my brain each second of the album. But when it comes to any review for Ophelia Records artist MitiS, it’s the opposite. Pennsylvania native Joseph Torre, a classically trained pianist turned Electronic producer, makes it so easy to put thoughts down on paper because he is insanely good at what he does. Since beginning work on Electronic sounds in his basement starting around 2012, he has overcome many obstacles and now is gracing the biggest stages all around the world.

And today, MitiS has released his third career album called Unity. It’s filled with messages of love, hope and community, the project spans ten beautifully written and produced tracks alongside some of the brightest names. Press play when you have a few moments in your day. Each track perfectly illustrates who Joe is as an artist and the messages he wishes to bring to the world through his sounds. “Music with a meaning“.

Tracks Dissection

If you’ve listened to Joe’s other works of art, he has a signature Intro and Outro on each album. He showcases his piano skills with elegant and dulcet tones for only a minute or two. ‘As Time Goes On‘ welcomes the listener in a euphoric and gentle way. In a way, this intro feels like it could be a sort of audio definition for the word, unity. It’s light and positive and feels complete.

“Unity – the state of being united or joined as a whole. This fan base of the MitiS Mob has meant the world to me. I decided to dedicate this album to all the fans who have come together in Unity to make the MitiS project exist and grow. Through years of shows, pandemic and friendships, this project could never exist without you all.”

Joe Torre

The second track, ‘Falling Into Mystery‘, with the incredible vocalist Dia Frampton, is a beautiful second song to begin the heart of the album. It was the third track to be released late in 2023. Dia’s voice is delicate as it perfectly coincides with the signature MitiS sound and piano work as it builds to its smooth drop that is both whimsical and effective. This is a standout song among the 10 total tracks.

MitiS + Seven Lions = 🙂

Next up is a historic partnership both on and off the stage. Jeff Montalvo, Seven Lions, signed MitiS on to his record label, Ophelia Records, back in 2019. This incredible decision not only gave MitiS more exposure but also allowed Jeff and Joe to work together and create together. Back in 2020, they collaborated and released ‘Break the Silence’ which is still widely played in sets by all Melodic Bass artists in the genre. Both artists being hugely influenced by different genres growing up and incredibly skilled in their craft, another collab from the duo was due. Enter ‘I Wanna Know’ with singer Natalie Taylor. The lyrics hit hard with themes of feeling disconnected and wondering if there is a way to navigate this uncertain mindset. Both Jeff and Joe’s signature sounds are very distinguishable here. A complete joy to the listener’s ears.

Beauty School Drop Out Boys

Up next, a very special one for Joe. Remember how I mentioned above that Joe has a passion for all different genres of music? He has a soft spot for the Alternative/Indie/Emo genres. So, for ‘Wish You Were Here‘, he partnered up with his friends, Beauty School Drop Out. Together they created this track that still carries the MitiS sound but adds a touch of Heavy Dubstep and more intensive vocal sounds thanks to the boys. It demonstrates MitiS’ wide range of sound. Additionally, to highlight this, about a year ago, MitiS released a softer EP that is absolutely outstanding. Gosh, the man can do it all. ‘Wish You Were Here’ is captivating and powerful.

For Track #5, ‘Unity‘, we resume back to synth sounds and the MitiS touch with a staple sway-back-and-forth track with additional piano sounds that slowly becomes pure and angelic sounding in the middle. It leads into ‘Phantom Love‘, which was also released in 2023. With the lovely & notable Sarah de Warren who sings about heartbreak and yearning for more of a past love that has been let go of. It’s ethereal and a pure ballad.

Crystal Skies

If you haven’t heard of Crystal Skies, I’d be surprised. Britain Holcomb and Aaron Dawson, also a Philly native, have collaborated with many other Ophelia artists and also released on the label as well. You can often see the boys hanging together when their schedules permit. And now, we’ve got another banger from there. ‘Stay‘, with gavn!, picks up similarly to ‘Wish You Were Here’ and provides more defined dubstep sounds with sharp beats.

A personal favorite of mine is ‘Wild One‘ with Dev. This track, along with its beautiful toe-tapping beats provides another new sound for being Track 9. The BPM increases slightly and perfectly draws the focus of the listener to the lyrics which are incredibly relatable. Additionally, ‘Sometimes, Always‘ perks up your attention at the 40-second mark with an angelic Drum and Bass beat with an entrancing and otherworldly feel. It’s short in length but powerful in diversity and skill. It’s a perfect track for a spring, sunny day. Bliss.


Lastly, the album wraps up with ‘Pt. VII‘. Different from his previous outros, this song is just over 3 minutes long and is beautiful. Something I noticed on the Mitis Mob Facebook page (to whom this album is dedicated), a fan pointed out that the track is very similar to MitiS’ iconic Life of Sin series. It’s a series that Joe began way early in his career and he continues to grow it as the years go by. He slyly added part VII of the series to this album. It’s sensational and exquisite and the perfect way to round out the journey of the old and new MitiS sound.

This album is extraordinary. It’s remarkable that this is the third album from Joe and he continues to keep it fresh and interesting while staying true to who he is. Torre has always been about this – in a world full of money, ticket sales, and ‘who you know’, Joe continues to grow without having to succumb to all of the noise. He was recognized for his genuine sound and soul and continues along that same path even a decade into his career.

It’s been 10 years since MitiS’ first real tour, I believe. Damn, look how far he has come and will continue to go for many years. Way to go, Joe! The world is insanely happy that we are living at the same time as you.

“Let’s make some more memories together.”

2024 Tour Information

Finally, MitiS is going on a LIVE tour and this time with so many surprises in store! Check out the schedule below and grab tickets HERE!

Love ya, Joe! Forever your biggest fan. Sincerely, Steenz. 🙂