Moistrus x THROVN x Blvkstn – Big Dog

Moistrus x THROVN x Blvkstn - Big Dog

82%Overall Score

Huge similarities with other Moistrus tracks
• Sublime vocal performance
THROVN breaks hiatus

Moistrus is a Norwegian producer who has already caught my attention in the past with his hypnotic soundscape. His style is conventional trap-inspired hip-hop, with a dash of vibrant sounds that turn everything more magical… including melancholia in its lead. Pair it with a top-notch vocal act from Blvkstn and a vivid contribution from THROVN (yes, that’s the spelling) resulting in “Big Dog”.

Uploaded via Tribal Trap, this tune is very similar to a couple of prior tracks from Moistrus, such as “Wide Awake” (featuring Blvkstn as well). While partially disappointed with the lack of innovation from the pair, I was captured by the attractive vocals, especially in the riff, and the teamwork between the melodic pattern and said lead. The bassline seemed like a handiwork of THROVN, back after a couple of years in the trap scene. Fun fact: his prior release, “Everything I Never Wanted”, came out in 2021 with guess who? Moistrus indeed.

Two years later, it feels great to hear that the two have evolved their sounds, while retaining the lightweight trap aura that always got my ears. “Big Dogs” with its entire package of powerful vocals and clean sound design, present itself as a great selection to blast on speakers. Next time, more unique twists though, please!

You can listen to “Big Dog” here: