Moksi x Nostalgix – Gimme Bass

Moksi x Nostalgix - Gimme Bass

78%Overall Score

• Sam from Moksi joined forces with Nostalgix.
• The bassline is excellent and packs a punch.
• The melody gets a bit repetitive.

It’s quite disheartening to learn about the split of the Bass House duo Moksi, with Diego venturing into his independent project, SUMMUM. However, there’s still excitement in the air as Sam, the remaining member, is gearing up to release the “Moksi Crew” album in October, dedicated to their loyal fans.

I can’t help but feel a surge of anticipation for “Moksi Crew,” especially after getting a taste of their first single, “Gimme Bass.” Teaming up with the talented Nostalgix, the track stays true to Moksi’s signature Bass House formula, fearlessly incorporating roaring basslines and aggressive vocals. If this is just a glimpse of what’s to come, I have high hopes for the album!

“Gimme Bass” certainly lives up to its name by delivering an abundance of bass. The bassline thumps and roars with an energetic pattern that keeps you moving. While the melodic variations are somewhat limited, it’s not what we’re primarily seeking in this genre. I particularly enjoyed the wobbling percussions and the fierce lead, which added a subtle touch of tribal vibes during the drop. The track builds up with an extended buildup section, where the distorted vocals create a trippy atmosphere that immediately caught my attention.

In the end, this release on Barong Family carries that familiar warmth of Moksi’s sound that I’ve been missing, while also showcasing some experimentation in the lead and percussions. Admittedly, the melody can become tiresome after a while, but it’s a minor drawback that can easily be overlooked by casual listeners or in club and festival settings. Let’s stay tuned for further updates from the Moksi Crew!

You can listen to “Gimme Bass” here: