MountBlaq & NAEMS – Bacana

• Astonishing work on the fundamental element: the exotic vocal
• Same as before: if you don’t like that loop, you’re screwed
• More “Big Room oriented” than “Mai Tai”

Obviously, “Bacana” is the follow-up of “Mai Tai”, a previous collab of MountBlaq and Pessto that I reviewed some weeks ago. Now, the American duo has teamed up with NAEMS, who added his own touch to a formula that, personally, intrigues me.

If you have heard “Mai Tai” or “Bacana”, you have already guessed the fundamental element of the song: the vocal. I’ve already said that if you don’t like it, well, you’re screwed, because the whole structure is orbiting around it. In “Bacana”, this presence is even more important than before, but it becomes slightly less repetitive… With a wise move, someone (I guess NAEMS, he’s not new to these ideas) created a crazy vocal-chopped melody in the drop. The result is chaotic, but a sort of “controlled chaos“: that type of chaos that will make the crowd go nuts when played live. It’s a noisy drop, with Mountblaq Tribal House approach, bouncy and hard-hitting. Just a detail: there is a lead in the background that plays a familiar melody, but I can’t remember where I have heard it.

“Bacana” loses some points for the absence of the small tribal details I’ve heard in “Mai Tai” (the subtle whistle, for example), but gains some of them with the astonishing work on the vocal. It’s not just a fundamental element, it’s the whole structure of the song: it deserved the massive amount of attention and care given, resulting in a unique output. Of course it’s still a risky move, but I personally liked this version, I definitively had a great time!

The breakdown is basically a buildup for the second drop, almost hidden in an ocean of drums and vocals.

“Bacana” stands for “cool” in Brazilian slang, and I think that it’s an adjective that can be used for this result. It’s extremely entertaining, frenetic and presents an excellent work on the vocal, a unique element that Mountblaq are using wisely in these releases. “Mai Tai” was more exotic and tribal, “Bacana” focuses more on danceability thanks to NAEMS’ Big Room touch: both of them are gorgeous. I see a lot of potential in this Brazilian Tribal House.

You can listen to “Bacana” here:

Maxximize Records · Mountblaq & NAEMS – Bacana <OUT NOW> (Radio Edit)