MUZZ – The Warehouse (ft. PAV4N & Miss Trouble)

• The vocals are, in short, spectacular! Great job, PAV4N & Miss Trouble
• Pleasant beats, uprising parts feels amazing
• Dark dubstep-vibes mixed with some trap parts

Monstercat surprised me as always while I was looking for some Drum & Bass tunes to review because I’m starting to explore that genre thanks to Feed Me or Noisia. The producer, MUZZ, is planning to release a LP and I’m extremely excited about that, considering how much I enjoyed the first extract!

First of all, “The Warehouse” is nearly 5 minutes long (a surprising fact in the bass scene) and there are two vocalists involved in this one! This can be noticed easily because of the creativity they had to make an unstoppable vocal lack of repetitively which gives an extra power to the beats on the drop.

The beats are so powerful, amazingly rhythmical (thanks to a curious percussion system) and danceable with some segments that reminded me Bass House and… Hardcore?! (I am referring to the brutal dirt synth used in the drop). The second part is darker than the first one, slowly escalating in a obscure and brutal atmoshere. It almost gave me an anxious feeling, the elements used are hitting pretty hard during some segments! Then, the vocal does its job.

PAV4N and Miss Trouble are really standing out, excellent job here! Fusing rap sounds and DnB isn’t a particularly innovative tactic, but at this level, with this kind of shape-shifting base… MUZZ focused on every single detail in order to make the combination perfect.

“The Warehouse” gave me a perfect introduction to of this gem called “The Promised Land” LP, and I’m craving for more now. Absolutely underrated producer.

You can listen to “The Warehouse” here:

Monstercat · MUZZ – The Warehouse (feat. PAV4N & Miss Trouble)