myie – Yours To Keep (Otto Knows Remix)

myie - Yours To Keep (Otto Knows Remix)

71%Overall Score

• Delicate and emotional vocals
• Continuous loop in Otto Knows style
• Gets repetitive, but a clever concept

“One More Time” is a new show on Netflix that revolves around the story of Amelia, who is trapped inside a time loop of where she lives the same day over and over. The movie has an ardent soundtrack from myie, a young singer-songwriter with a delicate and pleasant voice. While I couldn’t stop admiring the original track, it was equally surprising and exciting to see a remix from Otto Knows, giving a perfect scenario to fit with our blog’s content.

The remix didn’t leave me with a 100% satisfaction, to be honest. Otto kept the original vibe around the main chorus, with myie’s appealing vocals and minimal synths in the background, and proceeded with a repetitive loop containing powerful set of percussions.

The effect is an old-school Electro House affair that meshes well with the original elements, yet a bit tiring in the long run. This is an existing issue I personally have with other Otto Knows releases, although that’s his style so a fan will know what to find here. One has to admit that at first listen the remix portrays an emotional yet dynamic impression not easy to create, and the finale is absolutely terrific when the fetching chords are weaved together with the bassline… Still, quite an hit or miss in terms of the repetitiveness.

This version of “Yours To Keep” is certainly a skillful reinterpretation from Otto Knows, more club oriented without discarding the emotions. It’s even more recommended if you already are well acquainted with the remixer and his sound!

You can listen to “Yours To Keep” here: