N3WPORT Amazingly Amplifies Minds and Ears With ‘Pleiades’

Recently returned from his performance at DC’s Echostage and Moonrise Festival where he played alongside superstars such as Zedd and Adventure Club, Virginia-based DJ/Producer N3WPORT just debuted his third EP, Pleiades. Known for his melodic bass and trap music and boosting over 1M monthly listeners, N3WPORT’s Pleiades takes its inspirations from space exploration and the Universe. Pleiades takes the listener on an epic sonic journey throughout time and space with lush melodies, entrancing lyrics, and soundscapes while it reflects the various unique aspects of the universe and outer space.

N3WPORT takes listeners on a worldly journey with Pleiades

Pleiades from N3WPORT gets its name from the star group, also known as the seven sisters. It is the only star group in the night sky that is held together by gravity. Similarly, the songs on this EP are each unique, while being held together by the common theme of our universe and the emotions we feel in it. N3WPORT intentionally organized his EP to take the listener on a musical journey with the first track starting off with “Stars Belong With You”, a bright progressive house tune in collaboration with Medyk. “Stars Belong With You” debuted as a single in May and received rave reviews with over 100K listens since its release.

More beautiful tracks to take note of

Next, listeners can look forward to “Your Gravity” with Casey Cook, the second single off of Pleiades. This track has gained over 130K listeners since its debut in May. “Your Gravity” is a deeply emotive cinematic tune with uplifting synths and captivating lyricism that pulls on the heartstrings. Following, N3WPORT displayed his expertise with an energetic, bass-heavy tune, “Black Hole” ft. M.I.M.E. and it features an actual sampling of a Black Hole in the universe.  Concluding the EP, “Stars Like You” alongside Rico and Miella ends the EP with a soft atmospheric finish. Pleiades is a testament to N3WPORT’s versatility and balance of melodic, instrumental and hard-hitting bass that he is becoming famous for.

Fun facts about the EP

The EP, as mentioned before, includes a recording sample of an actual black hole in the song “Black Hole”. The track, “Your Gravity”, premiered at Webster Hall in New York City. Additionally, the songs in the EP had featured in “Heart Beats”, “Bass Lounge”, and many other official Spotify playlists. Furthermore, the entire EP also premiered at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore as well. Feel free to start listening to the EP now, especially clicking “Play” on the SoundCloud link above.

About N3WPORT, the talented producer behind Pleiades

N3WPORT is a producer from Virginia whose melodies and lyrics have reached and impacted millions of ears. From his starts on Simplify Recordings to his recent work with labels including Subsidia Records, Heaven Sent Records, and Insomniac’s Melodic Imprint Lost In Dreams, N3WPORT has continued to push the melodic sound forward. He has incorporated pop/punk influences and powerful lyrics in his excellent tracks. Since 2017, he has achieved over 150 Million streams across platforms, landed official remixes for Main Stage acts including MitiS, William Black, Nurko, Crystal Skies, American Authors, and more.

When perfuming live, N3WPORT has made a major impact in 2022. He has toured in cities around the United States and performed at some of the biggest EDM festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Lost Lands, Moonrise Festival, and Lost In Dreams. He has also supported several headlining acts including MitiS, Crystal Skies, JVNA, Nurko, Kompany, Flosstradamus, and more. 2022 continues to be a breakout year for N3WPORT as his staple sound and rising name continuing to hit ears around the world. There is no telling what is next for this future headliner.