Naiz:On Air January Shows Are Live, Especially Episode 026

There is a reason Naizon has played shows all over the world in his few years producing and DJ-ing. The talented creative has a flair for breaking boundaries and is always moving forwards with his sounds. This mix series is no exception.

Big beats, remixes and an eclectic mix of tracks from the past and modern day. Naizon is a master on the buttons and effortlessly blends tracks to keep the listener hooked. Fans of his know the energy he brings to his sets in real life, and that energy is emulated in these mixes too.

Continuing to show the world why he is on the lips of industry heavyweights across the globe, we love the drive and passion behind Naizon’s radio shows.

The latest episode of “Naiz:On Air“, Episode 026, kicks off with a guest mix from the up-and-coming Hiidra who has recently featured on Spinnin’ Records. And all throughout January, Naizon featured amazing guest mixes from all corners of the House music industry.

We suggest you check out these mixes and get to know about Naizon. This is a name you’re going to be hearing even more of in this coming year.

Listen to Episode 026 of “Naiz:On Air”

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