New Street Art Emerges In Britain Teasing The Return Of One Of EDM's Greatest Artists

Aphex Twin is one the most well-respected producers in the history electronic music. The British native draws his inspiration from the wilds the Northern British landscape. His productions are powerful, mind-bending and at some points full-on overwhelming. When you listen to an Aphex Twin track – you know it in the opening notes.

We have not heard much over the last two years or so from AT, and many fans were curious when new music might be released. Today in Britain, at the stop which Aphex Twin lived in proximity in the 1990's new cryptic street art appeared. It involves a 3D representation Aphex Twin's logo.

While no statement has been released regarding the art, it truly is captivating in every sense the word. While the design is engrossing enough alone, it is the mystery behind its meaning that has many people questioning and wondering if this means new music is on the way.