New Study Reveals The Healthiest Drink for Partying (And It's Not Vodka)

To anyone still on their health, wellness and/or fitness New Year’s Resolution kick — first up, good for you. Secondly, you might want to consider switching things up if you’re a drinker.

According to a recent study, whiskey is the healthiest alcoholic beverage. Even more so than vodka or any other spirit or mixer. Just straight up whiskey. But, why though?

 examined different types bacteria that can survive in ice (read the gory details ), and with that in mind the researchers tested a number drinks to see which was most resilient. Not freezing temperatures, vodka, nor Coca-Cola could handle killing all these bacteria. However, whiskey killed them all.

The study, “Presence pathogenic bacteria in ice cubes and evaluation their survival in different systems,” can be read .

Next time you’re out and about, whether it’s at a show, music festival, or simply drinking at the afterparty — whiskey might be the way to go to avoid getting sick.


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