NGHTMRE & Wavedash- Grave

NGHTMRE has teamed up with Wavedash for a monstrous bass-driven collaboration named “Grave.” The track is out now Mad Decent.

“Grave” buries listeners in huge piles of bass laced with lacerating synths that cut through the eardrums like a hot knife through butter. It’s a record built for throwing festival crowds into utter chaos, and it does this job well by following a tried-and-true formula for bass creation. Despite roughness around “Grave’s” edges, it’s quite an easy number for fans to pour all their rage-fueled dance moves into.

Wavedash recently released a track with NGHTMRE’s Gud Vibrations‘ partners in crime, SLANDER, so the duo teaming up with the dubstep veteran was far from a surprise. “Grave” is everything fans would expect from Wavedash and NGHTMRE uniting, and fans will certainly see the artists’ performing the track live in sets this fall.