Nick Catchdubs beckons a Brooklyn block party on 'Pick Up Yaself' featuring Fire Alarm

Fool’s Gold Records label boss and co-founder Nick Catchdubs has spent much of his career behind the scenes of the business, maintaining a reputation as a tastemaker and a mainstay fixture in the electronic music world. While 2018 has seen the label grow further with its Day Off events series bigger than ever and a brick and mortar store settled in Brooklyn, Catchdubs has taken the year to release more music. His latest, “Pick Up Yaself,” is a collaboration with Proper Villains and Metric Man’s joint project Fire Alarm.

“Pick Up Yaself” features Catchdubs’ signature retro style, where he brings together elements from a variety of electronic sounds to create a fiery, spunky dance track. The release’s acidic tropes remark back to house music’s yesteryear. Metric Man’s patois vocal samples and a funky beat make this the complete package.