Nicky Romero & Sick Individuals ft. XIRA – Only For You

• Unexpected collaboration by reputed Dutch acts
• A newer and branded take at Progressive House
• Fine display of two signatures at work

Recently, the Dutch icon Nicky Romero made an out of the blue announcement of an artwork. This picture confirmed the many rumours and teasers of his team-up with fellow duo-colleagues Sick Individuals. It is another example of a mighty synergy that one hopes would happen some time in future, however this year seemed to be the chosen candidate. Titled as “Only For You”, it features the heartwarming voice of Xira who breathes life to this instrumental.
Having delved into the deeper oriented Monocule side alias, Nicky Romero has shown his interest in the underground and melodic (dare I say Techno) style of music. Picky as I am, “Closer To Me” was my favourite from the bunch, as it contained a hypnotic atmosphere. Talking about the other half of today’s highlight, the veteran pair Sick Individuals just established their newest label imprint, New Made Music (for experimenting with pop-friendly Dance music). They also revealed “Ocean” with Justin Prime, keeping a healthy balance between festival signature they pioneered and the newer radio-compatible electronic songs.

Speaking about the production, despite the surprise unveiling without a world première, this latest Protocol Recording addition has an appreciable presence of both parties. We know that the mentioned creators have led the industry especially on their expertise of crafting this variant of Progressive House, which somewhat has seen decline over the past few years. Immediately in the start is a gentle piano hook, most probably placed by the talented pair, in companionship with the alluring voice, a commendable job may I mention. While the first thirty seconds incline a lot towards Sick Individuals’ influences, however one can speculate if Nicky Romero saw to the technical aspects such as the sound layering. The drop continues with the synths, while the vocalizing and distorted offbeat bassline drives the low-end plenty well.

Summarizing, “Only For You” presents the polished and dance-floor tested components together, but it does not surpass expectations as you might have kept. Not a gargantuan inclusion in either’s discography, this track is still repeat-worthy and will please the audience.

You can listen to “Only For You” here:

Protocol Recordings · Nicky Romero & Sick Individuals ft. XIRA – Only For You