Nicolas Jaars DARKSIDE project makes surprise return with “Liberty Bell”

Nicolas Jaar and multi-instrumentalist Dave Harington’s whirling electronic DARKSIDE project has made a surprise return with the satisfying single “Liberty Bell”.

Fans would be understandably confused with the project wrapping up way back in 2014 after their highly regarded ‘Darkside’ EP and full-length ‘Psychic’. It did come with the caveat that the project was “coming to an end, for now” so with the drop of the new single, there’s also the anticipation of a sophomore album.

The new track is refreshing but nostalgic with their trademark guitars running over soothing drums and Jaars melancholy vocals – something perfect for a live set!

This isn’t the only new-ish music from Nicolas Jaar with a mix under his Against All Logic pseudonym early 2020, a completely new album in March as well as an EP featuring FKA Twigs.