Nicole Moudaber Bringing Experiential Live Show To ArtsDistrict Brooklyn

Get ready for an extraordinary night of music and visuals as Nicole Moudaber takes the stage at ArtsDistrict Brooklyn. The techno legend will be doing so for a one-of-a-kind, all-night-long DJ set. Accompanied by immersive visuals and cutting-edge technology, Moudaber’s transcendental production promises to transport viewers to another dimension. This is a dimension where women reign supreme. Discover the fusion of ancient mythology and futuristic concepts as Nicole Moudaber showcases her unparalleled skills as a DJ and visionary artist.

Unleashing the Digital Self: A Transcendental Journey

On July 29th, the illustrious Nicole Moudaber returns to New York City, bringing with her an awe-inspiring live show. This is a show that aims to redefine the boundaries of techno music. As one of the first DJs to grace the stage of ArtsDistrict Brooklyn, Moudaber is set to captivate the audience with an immersive experience like never before. Additionally, collaborating with Cinetica in Mexico City, she has created a mesmerizing 3D world and avatar that embodies the unstoppable force of femininity. Prepare to be transported to a realm where the age-old question of “what does it mean to be a woman?” becomes irrelevant, and women reign supreme.

A Visual Feast of Techno and Artistry

Partnering with the renowned interactive design and experiential studio, VolVoxLabs, ArtsDistrict Brooklyn has curated a movie-like storyline that perfectly complements Nicole Moudaber’s thundering techno set. Through cutting-edge technology and innovative production, the audience will embark on a visual journey. This is a journey that will take attendees into a parallel universe where the past and future merge. In the process creating a space where women are at the forefront. The combination of smoke, lights, and stunning animations will elevate Moudaber’s already legendary selector skills. In the process ensuring that this live show becomes an extraordinary spectacle.

Similarly, on July 29th, ArtsDistrict Brooklyn will come alive with Nicole Moudaber’s most advanced live show to date. Additionally, audiences will be treated to an unforgettable night of music, artistry, and technological marvels. As Moudaber’s avatar roams through a parallel universe, women will take center stage, and the boundaries of possibility will be shattered. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this transcendental experience. One that will reaffirm Nicole Moudaber’s status as one of the most forward-thinking, dynamic, and powerful DJs in the world.

Some Words

Firstly, when asked about the event Nicole Moudaber had the following to say:

“I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked “what does it mean to be a woman in music?” Well, my avatar sums it up: women are powerful, women are visionary, women are unbeatable. And this is our legacy.”

Secondly, Volvox Labs had the following to say:

“What we’re doing with Nicole is pushing the limits of content scale and processing power. A super powerful element of the show will be the goddess representing Nicole. Nicole has gone through extensive mocap sessions with Cinetica to create a special character that will interact and toy with the audience during the show. Seamlessly weaved into a non-linear narrative the ‘goddess’ brings a unique element of humanity with a fantastical twist. The Volvox team has been manipulating and integrating the character into special moments and futuristic worlds that will transport Nicole’s fans on a powerful emotional journey.”

In conclusion, tickets to Teksupport: Nicole Moudaber (All Night Long) can be found here, enjoy!