Niel Degas feat. Scarlett – Braveheart (+ VIP Remix)

Niel Degas feat. Scarlett - Braveheart (+ VIP Remix)

80%Overall Score

• Several versions for all tastes
• Extraordinary melodic sequence
• Well-fitting vocal (in the original, less in the VIP)

Let’s bask in the euphoric festival vibes as the Tomorrowland season kicks off! Today, I bring you a dual release from the talented Neil Degas, featuring the enchanting vocals of Scarlett. “Braveheart” weaves a tale of overcoming obstacles and breaking free from the chains of others, set against a powerful Melodic Big Room soundscape (in the original version). Drawing inspiration from the likes of Blasterjaxx, Neil Degas infuses the track with his distinctive flair, crafting a breakdown filled with captivating percussions that gradually build up to a melodic drop, accentuated by a roaring bassline.

But that’s not all; let’s dive into the VIP Remix! I was thrilled to discover a completely different approach, as Neil Degas takes a detour towards Deep/Future House, embracing a more laidback vibe. While Scarlett’s vocal insertion in the breakdown might feel slightly less seamless to some, the relaxed atmosphere in the riff is truly touching, revealing an unexplored side of the creator. If you’re looking for a calmer exploration of his artistry, the VIP Remix is a delightful treat. Additionally, the Remix EP boasts other fantastic versions from Dark Intensity, Block & Crown, and Ricardo Geldres, offering a diverse selection for your auditory pleasure.

Now, if you ask me, my personal preference would lean towards the original “Braveheart,” as it emanates splendid vibes throughout the buildup and delivers an enthralling melodic drop. The combination of Neil Degas’ masterful production and Scarlett’s mesmerizing vocals in the original mix strikes a harmonious chord that resonates deeply within me. I highly recommend giving it a listen and immersing yourself in the uplifting energy it exudes.

So, there you have it, a song fit for the brave souls who dare to break free and dance to the rhythm of their hearts. Suggested for all those seeking an exhilarating and liberating experience on the dancefloor!

You can listen to “Braveheart” here: