Nina Las Vegas releases 'Lucky Girl' EP – Dancing Astronaut

Nina Las Vegas‘ star has been reaching higher heights since the launch of her record label, NLV Records, in 2015. The Australian artist continues to build a brand that — even without frequent releases (she released just one EP in 2016 and two singles in 2017) — has clout and respect amongst house music and underground contemporaries and enthusiasts. And now the producer, DJ and former radio host on Triple J has dropped her first EP of 2018, following its title track’s release as its lead single earlier this summer.

The Lucky Girl EP has three more tracks along with its namesake, each seemingly opening up a new door for Las Vegas. Three of the tracks also support local rising Australian artists including Swick, Vera Blue and Ecca Vandal. There’s “I Know How It Goes,” a track that starts out with childlike and intimate production, somehow evolving it from pop to playful beats and sampling that emulate house music’s version of those same sentiments. “Zagazig” follows and is a melodic instrumental track with a modern take on ’80s and breakbeat inspiration. The EP closes with “Thursdays,” featuring a guest appearance by rising fellow Aussie Ninajirachi. Playing off flutes as its main moment, “Thursdays” is the Nina Las Vegas we know and love.